1 Lone Wolf

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Lone Wolf

Written by Kathryn Lasky

Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey

Reviewed by Brianna B. (age 11)

Lone Wolf

A wolf named Falon was almost killed because his clan didn’t want him because he has a splayed paw. But he is saved and adopted by Thunderheart,a grizzly bear. They both live together for a long time and she teaches him everything he needs to know to survive. She also teaches him the ways of a grizzly bear. But something will separate them forever.

This is an amazing book. I loved it because it is about animals and a wolf doing his best to find the love of his life. I actually cried at some points in the book. My favorite part of the book is when Falon was saved from the rushing ice cold water by Thunderheart, his former mom. This isn’t the only book about Falon. He returns because there is a series. There is one more book called “The Wolf of the Beyond”. I felt a lot reading this book. But mostly I felt confused, why would Falon not eat Thunderheart? Why would he let someone eat before him on his own catch? Wolf packs are really different then human families.

People that might enjoy this book are people that love animals. Everyone should read this book. It is heart warming and a lovely story. Something that would interest the reader would be how the lone wolf, Falon becomes a part of the pack. I loved that part! It was awesome and I bet you would feel the same way if you read this book.