1 Tough-Luck Karen

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Tough-Luck Karen

Written by Johanna Hurwitz

Illustrated by Diane De Groat

Reviewed by Sue K. (age 9)

Tough-Luck Karen

This book is about a girl named Karen Sossi that has good and bad luck. She has one younger brother, an older sister, a mother and a father. It all starts with a chain letter. It told her to do something, but she didn’t. That is when all the bad luck and good luck happened. The bad luck is when she accidentally put a five-dollar bill into the mailbox. Then she forgot her P.E. clothes, but by good luck the coach said that her clothes were not needed because they were going to watch a movie. Karen thought that the good lucks and bad lucks were true.

In my opinion this book is awesome because it has real life situations, like when things happen and you can't explain why. Sometimes you blame it on luck.

I can relate to this story because I received a chain letter on my e-mail. When I read it it told me to send it to ten of my friends or something bad would happen. My mom said not to send it out. Then I thought of Karen and worried that I might have bad luck like her.

I recommend this book to anyone that doesn't mind reading a thick book and who enjoys reading a story about a girl who experiences problems of everyday life. Also, you need a good imagination because there are no pictures. You will have to create them in your mind.