1 Phantom of the Opera

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Phantom of the Opera

Written by Gaston Leroux

Illustrated by Robert Schoolcraft

Reviewed by Sebastian C. (age 11)

Phantom of the Opera

This book, Phantom of the Opera, is about a man named Raoul and a woman named Christine who lives in a big opera house. Christine’s dad dies and an Angel of Music comes and teaches her to sing. When Raoul and Christine get into a huge argument, Christine runs away. The Angel of Music holds Christine captive under the opera house. He has plans to kill Raoul because Christine loves Raoul more.

My favorite part is the ending because of how the Phantom of the Opera decides not to get in the way of the relationship between Christine and Raoul. The lesson I learned from the character Raoul is when you like someone, never give up.

I enjoyed the book because it was interesting and dramatic. It is not like any other book I have read because it has one of the biggest mysteries. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read mysteries. I thought it was the best book I have ever read.