1 The Big Mitten (retold)

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The Big Mitten (retold)

Written by Madge Tovey

Illustrated by Rodney Bills

Reviewed by EN (age 7)

The Big Mitten (retold)

In this book, a boy lost his mitten outside in the snow. One animal found the mitten, and got inside of it. Other animals kept coming up and getting into the mitten too. Finally, after the animals were all inside of the mitten, the animals were too large, and they made the mitten bust open. It was very interesting to see animals talking in this book. A lesson that you can learn from reading this is not to fight over things or be mean to other people. Instead, be nice to everyone.

I like the book because the animals talk and do funny things like argue with each other. My favorite part is when the animals call the mitten their warm bed, because it is so funny. I like the illustrations because they are huge and colorful, and they are drawn very well. But one of the pages is not well illustrated because the animals are not colorful enough for me.

People that like animals would like this book because there are lots of animals in the story. This book would be easy for second graders to read, because it did not have too many words. Adults would enjoy reading this book too because their kids might tell them about it and want the adults to read it to them.