1 Anansi and the Seven Yam Hills

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Anansi and the Seven Yam Hills

Written by Elizabeth Lane

Illustrated by Bruce Martin

Reviewed by AB (age 8)

Anansi and the Seven Yam Hills

In this story, Anansi is counting his yam hills. He counts to seven, and he flies up into the air. He says that it will be a good trick to play on his friends, so he messes up counting his yam hills and gets his friends to correct him. They say "Silly Spider, you don't know how to count." Then they count for him, and when they say seven, they fly up into the air. From this book you can learn not to trick your friends, otherwise they will trick you back. Find out what Anansi's friends do to trick Anansi by reading this book.

I like this book because I like spiders, and Anansi is a spider. I also like this book because it teaches you not to trick others. My favorite part is when the characters fly in the air, because it is funny to watch them get tricked. I thought the illustrations were cool because they were colorful and there were no white spaces.

Kids who like spiders will like Anansi, because he is a spider with 8 legs. This story was not hard to read, so most second graders could read it. Adults and kids will like this story, because it will make everyone laugh.