1 Skateboard Tough

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Skateboard Tough

Written by Matt Christopher

Illustrated by Roger Motzkus

Reviewed by Owen M (age 9)

Skateboard Tough

Brett likes to skateboard. He found out about Lance Hawker. Lance was a really good skateboarder before he died.

One day he was skateboarding during a concert and he got hit by a car. Now the workers dug up a skateboard when they were building a garage. Brett has a sister named Shanon and a friend that is a bully, Kyle. Kyle and Shanon were skateboarding one night and glided into each other. Shanon fell off her skateboard and a truck came speeding around the corner and almost hit both of them. Kyle and Shanon's accident is like Lance's accident. Has Lance come back to haunt Shanon, Brett and Kyle? If you read this book you'll find out how it ends.

My favorite part was when they made a skateboard rink because I like to skateboard in rinks. Brett was my favorite character because he skateboards like me and he found a new skateboard in his backyard. This book made me wonder whether or not Lance really did come back.

I recommend this book to people who like to skateboard because it includes a lot of skateboarding action.