1 Addie and the King of Hearts

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Addie and the King of Hearts

Written by Gail Rock

Reviewed by Emily E. (age 8)

Addie and the King of Hearts

I read the book Addie and the King of Hearts. The characters are: Addie, Billy Wild, Mr. Davenport, Addie’s father (named James) and Addie’s Grandma. The setting takes place at Addie’s school, and her house. The problem is that Addie loves Mr. Davenport. He is Addie’s teacher! Addie is 13 and Mr. Davenport is 29!

So Addie was walking home and she saw Mr. Davenport in his car. He said, “Can I give you a lift?” Of course Addie just had to say, “Yes!”. Mr. Davenport said, “Are you going to the Valentine’s dance? Because I have something I want to talk to you about.” Addie said, “Yes, I’m going to the Valentine’s dance. Addie thought that Mr. Davenport wanted to say he loved Addie. Read to find out what Mr. Davenport really wanted to say to Addie.

This book reminds me of when I went to a father and daughter Valentine’s dance with my dad. Addie also went to a Valentine’s dance with her father.

Addie is my favorite character because she is sassy. For example, sometimes her friends would tease her about Billy Wild and she says, “Oh, shut up!” She is not afraid of people. She does not let other people boss her around like tossing back and forth like a volleyball.

My favorite part in the book was when the announced who the Queen and King of Hearts were. When I read that part I held my breath because I was so excited.

I recommend this book to kind in 3rd grade to 6th. I think kids this age would understand and enjoy it more than younger kids.