1 True or False: Planets

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True or False: Planets

Written by Melvin and Gilda Berger

Reviewed by AB (age 8)

True or False: Planets

Do you think planets are the same thing as stars? No, they are not. Some planets are small and some are very big. Some stars like our Sun are big and very hot. Some planets do not have moons, but our Earth has one small moon. This book taught me a lot about the planets and how they move around. If you read this book, you can learn the names of the planets. My favorite part was seeing pictures of the planet Mars that were taken by a robot sent into space.

I love this good book because I learned about the planets. My favorite part was learning that stars and planets are different. I thought the illustrations were good because they showed how the planets move around the Sun.

I recommend this book beacuse I learned a lot about the planets. I think students interested in space science will enjoy reading this book to learn more.