1 Deer at the Brook

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Deer at the Brook

Written by Jim Arnosky

Reviewed by KB (age 7)

Deer at the Brook

At the brook, deer come a lot. The deer come there to play in the water and have fun. Some come alone; others come with friends. The brook is a sparkling place. My favorite part is in the beginning because I see deer a lot at my house. Read this book to find out what happens at the brook.

I really like this book because I really like deer meat. My favorite part is when the deer came but the birds did not fly away. I thought the illustrations were good because they had a lot of information about deer.

----[Why was your favorite part when the deer came but the birds did not fly away?] - - - -

I recommend this book because you can learn what deer do. I think students who like deer would like to read this book to learn where deer drink and eat.