1 Bailey the Bear Cub

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Bailey the Bear Cub

Written by . .

Illustrated by Jeska Verstegen

Reviewed by Petter P (age 6)

Bailey the Bear Cub

This book is about a bear cub named Bailey and he played all day. When Bailey was hungry his mother got him berries and honey and juicy fish. At night they sat and they looked at the stars. Bailey says when he grows up then he’s going to be big enough to get a star for his mom. Then his mom said to get his own food. He tried when his mother was awake. Bailey goes up a tree to try and get honey and he fell. He went inside the water to get a fish and he got it! Bailey’s mother was happy and Bailey’s eyes looked like stars.

I think the book is weird because at the end of the book it shows Bailey’s eyes like a star. It was a long story to read and it was boring and it made me not read it anymore. The illustrations were ugly. It was weird because the bear looked like he had cat and dog hair popping out.

I recommend it to some people, but no animals because they cannot read. I don’t want people who are scared of bears to read this book, because they will run away. I think people that like bears should read this book. People are going think that the illustrations are going to be nice.