1 Apple Island or the Truth About Teachers

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Apple Island or the Truth About Teachers

Written by Douglas Evans

Reviewed by Glory U (age 12)

Apple Island or the Truth About Teachers

This book is about how Bradley hates school and the new teacher Ms .Gross was teaching them the wrong things .When she was teaching them math she called it new new math which was all wrong and the students didn’t understand it .And when she says students she pronounced like ‘‘stoooodents’’. Duncan was Bradley’s best friend .and when they went into the Teachers’ lounge .As soon as they got in there they noticed that the room was messy, when ms gross was teaching them how to be neat. They went on a trip called Apple Island the class studied a subject called Incorrect Information.

I liked the book because it was funny because they weren’t learning the right things. I also liked the book because it was easy to read .I really thought the part when they were learning how to spell and they had to take out all the ‘E’s in all words .I also thought that the illustrations were funny.

I recommend this book to people that like to laugh and hear jokes because the teacher teaches them dumb things that are not true .I think people of all ages would like it and they would relate to it if the teacher teaches them things like that also.