1 Bony Legs

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Bony Legs

Written by Joanna Cole

Illustrated by Dirk Zimmer

Reviewed by Maria C (age 9)

Bony Legs

The book is about a witch named Bony Legs. She has a house standing on chicken legs. She likes to eat children. The story is about when she is waiting for a child to come through the woods so she could eat the child for supper. One day, Sasha’s aunt sent her to the woods to borrow a needle and thread. She saw a house and she was going to ask for needle and thread. She opened the gate and it squeaked so she put butter on the hinges and went through the gate. Then she saw a dog and it was skinny so Sasha decided to give bread to the dog because the dog was barking and when she gave the dog the bread, he didn’t bark again. She saw a cat so she gave the cat meat. She knocked on the door and told Bony Legs her aunt sent her to borrow a needle and thread. So Bony Legs told her to come inside so Sasha went inside and Bony Legs said to get in the tub. Sasha said “Why? I don’t need a bath,” so she went inside the bathroom and saw the cat again so she was so scared that the cat told her “Don’t worry, I’ll save you,” so Sasha looked back and then saw nobody. The cat gave Sasha a mirror and Sasha escaped through the window. While she escaped, the cat told her when she needs help, throw the mirror. Bony Legs asked the cat if you are washing the girl. The cat said “Yes.” Sasha put the mirror in her pocket and the dog gave her a comb that way when she needs help, she throws the comb away and the gate opened and she left and then Bony Legs said “You sneaky cat, I thought you were washing the girl!” Then Bony Legs said, “Why did you let her go away?” “Well you never feed me,” said the cat “and the girl did feed me, she gave me meat.” When she came outside she asked the dog why he let the girl go, and the dog said “Well you never fed me, she did, she gave me pieces of bread.” She asked the gate, “Why did you let the girl run away.” “Well you never took care of me, the girl did, she gave me butter on my hinges.” Then Bony Legs pinched her nose and stomped her feet and pulled her hair. So she chased Sasha and Sasha looked back and saw Bony Legs’s iron teeth so she remembered about the mirror. She threw the mirror and then a lake appeared and Bony Legs went to get her tub to get through the lake. Then Sasha threw the comb and a forest grew so Bony Legs couldn’t get through it so she went back home and pinched her nose, pulled her hair and stomped her feet. Then Sasha went home and gave her aunt the needle and thread.

I hate this book because Bony Legs eats children and she’s mean and doesn’t feed the cat, doesn’t feed the dog, and she doesn’t take good care of her gate. I really hate it because Sasha just came to ask Bony Legs if she could borrow a needle and thread and Bony Legs took advantage of her. Sasha asked nicely if she could borrow a needle and thread but Bony Legs just takes her to the bathroom and needs a bath and lied to Sasha because she wanted to eat Sasha.

I liked this book because Sasha fed Bony Leg’s pets and her gate. The cat and the dog gave Sasha things to save herself so she used it when Bony Legs was trying to chase her. I liked that Bony Legs didn’t catch Sasha and didn’t eat Sasha.

I think I should give this book to Ernesto because I think he will like this book. He will like this book because I think he likes scary books.

I think Brian should read the book because he might like the book when the cat saves Sasha. He might like when the cat and the dog gives him a mirror and comb to save herself when she needs help.

I think Miki should read this book because she might like Sasha when she gave the gate oil and gives meat to the dog and gives the cat meat or fish.