1 Kirsten Learns A Lesson

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Kirsten Learns A Lesson

Written by Janet Shaw

Illustrated by Renee Graef

Reviewed by Shanna P (age 10)

Kirsten goes to school for the first time. Miss Winston is her teacher who she does not like. While Kirsten and her friends, Lizbeth and Anna, were playing with their dolls, they hear the Indians. Lisbeth and Anna say that the Indians are bad people. Kirsten met a Indian girl. She did not know what her name was so she named the Indian girl Singing Bird. Singing Bird was her secret friend. Singing Bird named Kirsten Yellow Hair. The lesson that Kirsten learned in the story was that you shouldn't think someone is bad just because of how they look.

I like the book “Kirsten Learns A Lesson”. I like this book because it teaches about the past. I think that other kids will like this book because Kirsten has a secret friendship. I also think that kids will like this book because of the lesson in the book. My favorite part of this book is when Kirsten and Singing Bird meet. This is my favorite part of the book because in those times they said that Indians were bad people.

I think kids age 7 and up would like this book because it is so much fun for kids and it is about a kid.