1 Hardy Boys: The Missing Mitt

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Hardy Boys: The Missing Mitt

Written by Franklin W. Dixon

Reviewed by Oumar K. (age 3)

Hardy Boys: The Missing Mitt

Have you ever read any of the Hardy Boys books? If you never have then you should read this one. Two boys named Frank and Joe play on a baseball team called the Bayport Bandits. But right before the last big game they realize that they lost Jason's mitt. They have to find the mitt before the big baseball game. The mitt that they lost was a lucky mitt. They think they can win if they have the lucky mitt. To find out if they find the mitt and win the game, read this book!

My favorite part of the story is when they use different clues (like get everyone in a line and a boy pretends that he is not the one that did it) to solve the mysterious case of the missing mitt. I also really liked this book because I like going to baseball games and I also like books that are mysteries. My other favorite thing about the story is that the setting is in a baseball field. I like the setting because my favorite sport is baseball! My favorite characters in the book are Frank and Joe because they are the ones that end up solving the mystery and finding the mitt.

I would recommend this book to any third grader. I especially think that third graders that like clues and mysteries would enjoy reading this book. This book is so good; it will make you want to keep on reading!