1 The Computer Teacher from the Black Lagoon

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The Computer Teacher from the Black Lagoon

Written by Mike Thaler

Reviewed by Nita M. (age 9)

The Computer Teacher from the Black Lagoon

Have you read any books in the series of the Black Lagoon? If you never have, you should read this one! Hubie and his class need to go to the computer lab. Hubie's classmates tell him about the horrible computer teacher. His classmates tell him that the teacher (Miss Pluggins) is very mean and will eat you! Miss Pluggins has a lot of energy and she lives in the lab with computer screens that have one eye! You also have to surf the computer on a mouse! But once Hubie's class gets in the computer lab they realize that she is normal!

My favorite character is the computer teacher, Miss Pluggins. I like her because at first everyone thinks she is going to be mean but she ends up being nice. My favorite part of the story is when Hubie and his class go to the computer lab because they were scared when they went in. I also thought the book was scary when I first started reading it because I saw the pictures of the computer teacher and she looked really scary.

I would recommend this to second and third grade students. Maybe they have a mean computer teacher and they know what it is like. Second and third grade students might have also had a friend tell them rumors about a teacher before.