1 Wayside School is Falling Down

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Wayside School is Falling Down

Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Amelia G. (age 9)

Wayside School is Falling Down

Have you ever heard of a crazy school? This story has crazy kids and teachers including: Mrs. Jewels, Todd, Paul, Ron, Myron, Kathy, Jason, Daemon, and “no front teeth” Rondi! To make the school even weirder, the school is thirty stories high with only one class on each floor. To top it off the weirdness, there is no 19th story!

My favorite part of the story is when Kathy falls down and has a dream she is in Mrs. Zarves class (the teacher on the 19th story) and she is stuck there forever. How could that be, there’s no 19th story? I honestly love this book because the school almost falls down because a herd of cows shake the school so hard it almost topples over. I think it is the best book ever because I’m silly like the Wayside kids! My favorite character is "Buck Tooth" Rondi because she acts crazy. When her front teeth finally come in she hates them and she gets in a fight! A boy threatens to kick her in the front teeth and she actually wants him to do it! So he does, and she is back to having no teeth again!

I recommend this book to all third graders and teachers that think their class is crazy. If you are a third grader you should read this book because you might think you have a class that is crazy and it probably is, just not as crazy as Mrs. Jewel’s class. If you are a teacher you should read this book because you might think your class is crazy. Just imagine how their teacher (Mrs. Jewels) feels! If you would like to hear even more crazy stories about Wayside School you should read this story!