1 Aquamarine

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Written by Alice Hoffman

Reviewed by Eleni A. (age 10)


Aquamarine, a mermaid, lived in the ocean with her father the king of the sea. Her father lets her become human for three days to prove love really exists. She meets this boy named Raymond and wants him to love her so she can prove her point. The problem is that she only has three days. With the help of Haily and Claire, she can prove love really exists.

Aquamarine chooses Raymond. The problem is that Hailey and Claire like Raymond too. When you help a mermaid, you get a wish. Hailey is moving, but she doesn't want to go. They are going to help Raymond love Aquamarine so they can wish that Hailey won't leave.

Raymond invites Aquamarine to the Last Splash, a dance. At the dance, Aquamarine and Raymond start to like each other. Hailey and Claire's plan is working, but Hailey starts to think if she should move because her mom has been waiting for this opportunity.

Raymond doesn't fall in love with Aquamarine in three days, and Aquamarine didn't prove love exists to her father. Insted, Hailey and Claire prove to Aquamarine's father that love exists between friends by loving Aquamarine. Hailey and Claire both don't get their wish, but they are okay with it. Claire could visit Hailey sometime next summer.

I would have changed the ending of the book because I think Hailey should have stayed and Aquamarine should stay human because it would have been a happier ending. My favorite part of the story is when Aquamarine becomes human because there are a lot of waves made from the transition. My favorite character is Aquamarine because she is a mermaid. My least favorite character is Hailey because she doesn't do as much as Claire.

This story relates to my life because when my friends need help, I help them, even if I don't get a wish. I think others should read this book because it is about friends and family and shows how you can support each other.