1 Spiderman Rush Hour

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Spiderman Rush Hour

Written by Sean McKeever

Reviewed by Jolyon H. (age 9)

Spiderman Rush Hour

The book is about a teenager named Peter Parker. He is Spider-Man. He takes pictures of Spider-Man and he battles villains, like the Green Goblin. He has to get to the library so he can study because he is in school. On his way there, he meets the Scorpion, his nemesis. They battle because the Scorpion stole cash from the bank. Spider Man wins the battle. Then the cops lock Scorpion up and take him to prison. On his way to the library Spider-Man stops at the laundromat to clean his Spider-Man suit and the rest of his clothes. There are only 18 minutes left for Spider-Man to make it to the library on time. Spider-Man rides the top of a train to 71st Avenue. There is only one minute left for Spider-Man to make it to the library on time. On his way there, Spider-Man stops at a coffee shop and sees his friend Liz and her friend, Flash. He is surprised to see them there. Peter Parker thought that Liz was going to be at the library to study with him. Liz reminds him that she was waiting for him at the library yesterday. He forgot the exact time he was supposed to be at the library. Then Liz and Flash leave together, and Peter Parker wishes that he was bitten by a calendar - that way he could’ve remembered the exact time he was supposed to be at the library.

I think that the book was awesome. I like the book because it is a book full of amazing things such as the part where Spider-Man and Scorpion battle and Spider-Man wins. I was so happy to hear that Spider-Man won the battle. I did not like the part when Spider-Man was getting hit by Scorpion that made me want to stop reading. Although there was some parts that I did like and some parts that I did not like I still like the book. I like the pictures because they have a lot of detail and color. I hope that the author writes more books about Spider-Man because I like them. I would like it if the author would put more than one villain in the story because if he did I would really want Spider-Man’s adventures to be more dangerous.

I would recommend this book to boys who like Spider-Man and all the other characters in the book because they would like his suit, his powers, and all the things that he has. The book is interesting because I like the pictures and the words that the author uses in the book and if I like them I know that you will like them too. Also the book is full of funny scenes that I know that you will like and that is why I am recommending this book to you. I would not recommend this book to kids or grown-ups who do lots of bad things at home or to other people in public because Spider-man doesn’t do bad things at all. If you are a person who does bad things I would recommend books with lots of criminals. I think that you will like this book because you believe in doing good things like Spider-Man. I think that you will not like this book because Spider-Man does good things and you are a person who believes in hurting things and people. There are lots of things that you will like about this book so you should read it.