1 Let's Go Swimming!

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Let's Go Swimming!

Written by Gertrude Warner

Illustrated by Yasuo Ohtomo

Reviewed by Andre T. (age 9)

Let's Go Swimming!

In this book a bear goes swimming in his little wading pool. His pool was too small so he went to the city pool on Saturday with his dad. At first bear was afraid to go in the water; it was very cold. He saw his friends going in so he decided to have his dad go with him in the pool. He held on tight as his dad carried him around the pool. Bear soon started kicking and floating in the water. He loved to swim now!

My favorite part was when bear went swimming with his dad and friends in the big city pool because I like to swim a lot too. I liked the pictures of the cool city pool and the island in the middle of it. It looked like a fun place to swim! I liked watching all of the different animals playing in the city pool.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the water and loves to swim. Any reader who likes funny animal stories would want to read this book. It has a happy ending.

(Dictated to teacher.)