1 Skippyjon Jones

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Skippyjon Jones

Written by Judy Schachner

Reviewed by Joey B. (age 8)

Skippyjon Jones

This story is about a cat that thinks he is a Chihuahua. His name is Skippyjon Jones. He is crazy. He draws all over the walls in two hours. His mom says, “Skippyjon Jones, you covered the walls with Chihuahuas!!!” She says, “go to your room.” He goes into his closet to play with his pretend Chihuahua friends. He pretends he is Skippyjon Jones, the sword fighter. He has to find all of the beans for the burritos that they are going to eat for their fiesta. Skippyjon goes into the doghouse to get the burritos back. Find Skippyjon Jones at your local bookstore!

I like Skippyjon Jones because he goes into his closet to play pretend and so do I. I also like Skippyjon because he is crazy. He also likes Chihuahuas and I do too.

When I read this book, I felt it was an adventure. It was funny. It was crazy when Skippy jumped on his bed.

My favorite part was when Skippyjon Jones colored on his wall. He got in big trouble. He drew Chihuahuas on his wall.

Third to sixth graders should read this book. Kids who like Chihuahuas will like this book.