1 Snowboard Showdown

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Snowboard Showdown

Written by Matt Christopher

Reviewed by Rob T. (age 9)

Snowboard Showdown

This book is about two brothers named Freddie and Dondi. They argue a lot about who is the better snowboarder. They make a snowboarding competition at the halfpipe where they snowboard. Read the book to find out what happens at the competition.

This story reminds me of my brother arguing with me about snowboarding. I am a better snowboarder because I have been snowboarding for three years and he has been snowboarding for two years. Freddie and Dondi argue about snowboarding at the halfpipe.

My favorite part is when Freddie does a 360-degree turn, because it is cool. I can do one, too.

My favorite character is Freddie. He is cool. Freddie is an awesome snowboarder. He races in snowboarding competitions.

I recommend this book through 3rd to 6th graders. Snowboarding is exciting. It’s full of adventure.