1 Skinny Melon and Me

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Skinny Melon and Me

Written by Jean Ure

Reviewed by May C. (age 8)

Skinny Melon and Me

This book is about a girl named Cherry. Cherry's parents are divorced. Cherry's mom found someone named Roland Butter. Cherry wants a dog but she cannot have one because Roly is allergic.

Every night Roly slips a card with a message in code, but Cherry thinks it is annoying. One day Cherry looks at all the cards and decides to bring one to school. She decides to hang it on the wall so everyone can see it. When everyone sees Cherry's card, they ask her what it says. When her teacher sees her card she tells her she should keep it at home because it could be valuable.

Her dad comes to visit her because she is in a play and then came school vacation and she got to go on vacation with him. Roly gave her a book to read before she went on vacation. Will she have a good vacation? Will Cherry have a dog? You have to read the book to find out.

Cherry reminds me of my friend Cassy because she really wants to have a dog. My favorite part of the book is when Cherry has a vacation and she gets to visit her Dad.

I recommend this book to anyone whose parents are divorced.