1 Anne of Green Gables

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Anne of Green Gables

Written by L.M. Montgomery

Reviewed by Emmalee S. (age 10)

Anne of Green Gables

In this story there is a girl named Anne. She is an orphan from an asylum orphanage. She finally gets adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthburt. When she gets to Green Gables, she is sad to find out that her adopted parents really wanted a boy and that the Cuthburts might send her back to asyulum. Matthew is set on keeping Anne, but Marilla is not. Marilla finally decides to keep Anne.

Anne runs into a lot of troubles when she first gets to Green Gables. The first thing that happens is when Mrs. Rachel Lynde came to inspect Anne. She tells Anne she has icky red hair, too many freckles and is too skinny. Anne replies that Mrs. Lynde is fat and ugly.

After Anne gets through all the troubles in the beginning, she meets Diana, who soon becomes Anne's best friend. Anne and Diana have a lot of adventures. One of those adventures is when Anne invites Diana for tea. Anne accidently puts current wine in Diana's cup and Diana drinks three whole cupfuls. Diana gets sick and has to go home. When Diana's mom finds out, she stops Diana from seeing Anne. But when Anne saves Minnie May's life from the croup, Mrs. Barry lets Diana see Anne again.

Anne goes to high school and then wins a scholorship to a wonderful college. Matthew dies of old age at the end of the story, Anne and Marilla become really sad. When Marella starts to lose her eyesight, Anne gives up her scholarship to stay home and live with her.

If I wrote this story, I would not have made Matthew die becasue he is such an important part of the story and the only adult who spoils and understands Anne. My favorite part of the story is when Anne meets her first and only friend Diana Barry, because it's really nice to see that Anne has a friend to go through her troubles and to play with. My favorite character is Anne because even though she's sometimes a very naughty girl, she's very sweet, funny, and loyal. My least favorite character is Mrs. Lynde because she is unkind to Anne.

This story relates to my life because Anne is a little like me because I have a bad temper at some points and I love flowers and tree like Anne. does. I think others should read this book because it teaches so many lessons and it has all emotions: happiness, sadness, and humor.