1 Lucy on the Loose

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Lucy on the Loose

Written by Helen Cooper

Illustrated by Amanda Harvey

Reviewed by Alexis M. (age 7)

Lucy on the Loose

My book is about a dog named Lucy that ran away. One day Lucy saw a cat, and she pulled on her leash and tried to get the cat. The next day she ran away. Her owner tried to find her, but he didn’t. The next day he went to the bakers, and the baker gave him some ribs because Lucy might smell the ribs and come back. At last they found her at the baseball game.

I liked the book because at the end they found the dog and that made me feel happy. When Lucy chased the cat because I thought it was kind of funny for a dog to chase a cat like that. The dog and the cat were my favorite characters because they were chasing each other, and the cat was smiling while Lucy was chasing him.

I think Sydney would like to read book because she likes puppies. I like the fat cat, and I think anybody who reads the book would like the cat. He’s just funny and fat. I think people would like the part of the story when they find Lucy because it will make people happy.