1 Hayley the Rain Fairy

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Hayley the Rain Fairy

Written by Daisy Meadows

Illustrated by Georgie Ripper

Reviewed by Lily M. (age 7)

Hayley the Rain Fairy

It started when yesterday in my book it rained so bad that the next day it flooded. Two girls Rachel and Kirsty, who can turn into fairies, knew the rain was fairy magic. They wanted to play outside so they asked Mr.Tate, who is Kirsty’s dad, if they could use his lifeboat and paddle; he said yes. So, they went outside and they saw Hayley the rain fairy, but then they saw the goblin sent from Jack Frost. The goblin had the rain feather from Doodlee, the chicken on the weathervane. Then the three friends tricked him into trading the rain feather for a bright yellow feather, which they pretended was the sun feather, and they gave it back to Doodle, and it finally stopped raining.

I loved the book because it really has some tricks in it and it’s a made- up story so it’s surprising to me. The character Rachel reminds me of my cousin Rachel because they have the same name and hair, and they look alike. I felt like my book was not going to end when I read it. It was a long book, but it needed to have that many pages. It’s a chapter book and I love chapter books.

I would recommend this book because it’s good , and it tells you a lot about magic. I really think girls should read this book because it has fairies, and boys don’t like fairies. The girls probably would like the part where it flooded because it’s not that often floods happen .I think that was the most interesting part.