1 Madam President

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Madam President

Written by Lane Smith

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Genesis A (age 7)

Madam President

If you like voting you should read Madam President because she's the president, and if someone wants to become president you need to vote. This story is about a girl that does whatever she wants because she is the president. This book is about how her job as president is. Sometimes she is a bad president, like when she went in a photo when other people were taking it. Sometimes she is a good president, like when this boy took a globe from a boy who was studying and Madam President saves the day. She does something when someone is in trouble.

Madam President made me laugh a little bit because when she answered these questions like "I know you are but what am I?" I think being the president will be a little wacky for Madam because she does a lot of crazy stuff, like when she kisses a baby and then she leaves. It is special because everybody in my class were laughing at this book. Madam is so funny she made me laugh all day long. My favorite part is when she says veto a lot of times (in one page), because sometimes she acts it out.

I would be glad to recommend this book to anyone because Madam President is one of my favorite books in the whole entire world! I think anyone between 6 and and up could read this book because she would do some funny stuff for the children.