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Please Louise!

Written by Frieda Wishinsky

Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

Reviewed by Neel P (age 7)

Please Louise!

Do you want to read a book about a funny little girl? Please Louise is about an annoying little girl who follows her brother everywhere. She sometimes copies him. She hangs from the ceiling and wears a hat with math on it. Jake her brother wishes for Louise to disappear. If you want to find out if Louise disappears or not read this book.

I like this book because Louise is really crazy like when she hangs from the ceiling and wears a funny hat. My favorite part is when Jake puts on a freaky mask and costume. I also liked when Louise was singing “row, row, row your boat.” That made me laugh. I think Louise is so funny since she never left her brother alone. I feel the same way. I want my sister to go away when she makes me play a dog. I kind of think that Louise is attracted to Jake because she always follows Jake around. Do you want to laugh your head off? Then read this book.

I would recommend this book to people who have an annoying little sister because this book is about one and you can kind of laugh about it.