1 Poppleton in Spring

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Poppleton in Spring

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Illustrated by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Jesse W. (age 7)

Poppleton in Spring

In the first chapter, it was time for spring cleaning. It was time for Poppleton to spring clean and he has a lot of stuff. He feels happy to give some to Cherry Sue, but she didn't really want his stuff, but she didn't want to hurt Poppleton's feelings. In the second chapter, Poppleton wanted a bike so he can go to places faster. He went to Marsha's bike store but Poppleton didn't know which bike to get. Then Poppleton found a bike but he wanted red. He got confused and he ran out of the store fast. Then when he got home, he decided not to ride a bike, so he just ran. In the third chapter, Poppleton decided to sleep in a tent and everybody thought was being silly.

I like Poppleton books like this one because it's funny and Poppleton is a nice pig. I like the part when he is sleeping in a tent even though he had a house, because people thought he was being silly. My favorite part is when Poppleton wanted a bike and Marsha said "great, what color?" Poppleton wanted red, and Marsha showed him so many different kinds of red that he just ran out of the store. I liked this part because it was funny. The pictures look funny, too, like when Poppleton runs out of the store. This book reminds me of other Poppleton books.

I recommend this book because it is funny. I think people who like pigs will like this book because Poppleton is a funny and nice pig. If you like Poppleton in Winter, you will like this book.