1 Pandora Gets Vain

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Pandora Gets Vain

Written by Carolyn Hennesy

Illustrated by Weng Chen(Jacket)

Reviewed by Cassidy L. (age 10)

Pandora Gets Vain

In the beginning, Pandora is on a boat with Iole, Alcie, and Homer. The three girls and the boy are headed on a quest to Egypt to find Vanity. They are on a quest for vanity because Pandora accidently opened the box with Jealously, Vanity, and Laziness in it. There were other things also in the box. Pandora also released Lust, Fear, Rage, and more minor evils such as Acne, Cooties, Homework, and many others. She left Hope in the box.

Pandora is the main character. Pandora is caring and loves her family, friends, and her dog, Dido. Iole is the smart girl of the group. Alcie has the curse of actually having two left feet. She also is cursed by saying different kinds of fruits names whenever she gets mad. Homer, the boy, doesn't care about anything until he falls in love with Alcie. Hera hates Pandora, and Hera's husband said that Hera can't interfere or there will be problems.

Vanity is hidden in Egypt. It is actually hidden in 10-year-old Clepatra's mirror. In Egypt, the kids have to fight off Cleopatra's guards. They have to distract Cleopatra to get the mirror, which they do. Vanity goes inside of Pandora and Apollo comes and fixes Iole's broken arm. The story ends with Pandora searching for her lost dog, Dido.

If I had written this book, I would have changed the ending because it would have gone on a little longer instead of ending so quickly. My favorite part was when the friends gave up their gifts to make Pandora look like herself, again because they gave up what they really wanted for what Pandora needed. My least favorite charcater is Homer because he didn't show very much care for anyone.

This books relates to my life because I like going on quests and adventures to find things. I think others should read this story because it is a really good quest.