1 Bedhead

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Written by Margie Palatini

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Ian K. (age 7)


Do you like books about crazy hair? Then you will like Bedhead. One day Oliver woke up (Oliver is a kid). He saw that he had Bedhead. He screamed. His parents and his sister came upstairs and tried to help him. One thing they did was spray him with hair spray to smooth out the hair. Oliver decided to brush it but the brush got stuck. He puts on a hat. When he got to school, a girl said it was picture day. Is Oliver going to have a bad picture or is his hair going to look good? You'll have to read the book to find out.

I loved Bedhead. Out of a scale from one to five, I thought it was a five. My favorite part is when Oliver's brush hit Mary Margaret on the head. I thought it was funny. I really liked the illustrations because I thought they were funny and their faces were really big. When I read the book, I felt like I was going to laugh. Also when I read the book I wondered how Oliver got the bedhead. I also really liked the language because there was a lot of rhyme. For example, "The hair was going this way. Hair going that way. Hair going up. Hair going down. Around and around."

I recommend Bedhead to people who had a bad bedhead. I also recommend this book to people who read with a lot of expression. The illustrations would interest people because they have a lot of detail. When I read the book, I felt like I wanted to read it one hundred more times.