1 Oliver Button is a Sissy

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Oliver Button is a Sissy

Written by Tomie dePaola

Reviewed by Yael S. (age 7)

Oliver Button is a Sissy

Oliver Button is a boy that likes to dance and to do girl stuff. He has a problem. At his school the boys are calling him a sissy. He was always the last person picked for any team. Then Oliver Button went home and his mother said, "Oliver, you have to play something. You need your exercise!" His parents sent him to dancing school with Ms. Leah. Ms. Leah gave Oliver tap shoes and he practiced and practiced at home. But when Oliver went to school, the kids threw his tap shoes like a ball. Oliver went to his dance recital. Will he get booed off the stage or will the audience cheer for him?

I loved Oliver Button is a Sissy because I learned an important lesson. I learned that Oliver didn't care if the kids called him a sissy - he was who he was. He stood up for himself on stage and wasn't scared. I think Oliver is interesting because he likes doing girl stuff and boys don't usually like doing girl stuff. I loved the illustrations because they show how Oliver danced. Oliver is unique and special because he has his own way of doing things. When I read the book, I felt mad and sad because the kids at his school teased him, and it's not nice to tease somebody.

If you were called a sissy you will love his book, because you'll learn how you can stop being called a sissy. This book teaches you to be who you are. I recommend this book to bullies because they will learn that it's not nice calling somebody a sissy, and so they will learn to be friends.