1 Mr. Hynde is out of his Mind

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Mr. Hynde is out of his Mind

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Max G. (age 7)

Mr. Hynde is out of his Mind

Would you want to go to a school that is wacky and weird? There is one school you wouldn't want to go to because in every book, strange things happen. A.J. hates everything at school. He hates math, music and more. One day Mr. Loring, the music teacher, doesn't work anymore and a new teacher came. His name was Mr. Hynde. Once he came, everybody, including A.J., loved him. He was so much fun, for example, he break dances, raps and plays the drums...until a bad thing happened. The next time they did music, he told the class time for a play. Everybody was happy until he makes A.J. and Andrea kiss. A.J. hates Andrea. Will A.J. survive? You will need to read this book to find out.

I loved Mr. Hynde is Out of his Mind because it is funny. Mr. Hynde makes jokes up about Andrea and the jokes are funny. I fell off my chair laughing. I liked A.J. because I never knew someone who was so funny. I would want to be his friend because he is fun. For example, he is a class clown and I like funny people. I also learned that you should never say a bad thing about someone before you know them.

I recommend this fantastic and unbelievable book to everyone because it has funny language. People who like putting on plays and love music will love it because a lot of it is filled with words that have to do with music. I also learned to be whoever you are Because when A.J. got teased, he was the playground and he didn't listen to the other kids.