1 Henry and the Buccuneer Bunnies

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Henry and the Buccuneer Bunnies

Written by Carolyn Crimi

Illustrated by John Manders

Reviewed by Eve H. (age 8)

Henry and the Buccuneer Bunnies

Have you ridden on a boat before? Well then you will enjoy this book. It was morning. Henry and all the Buccaneer Bunnies were sailing on smooth waters. Henry loves to read but Catain thinks reading is stupid. Read this book to find out why.

I liked Henry because he likes to read, build, and go on adventures. I like those things too. The pictures looked cool and interesting. I loved the illustrations. My favorite part was when they found the crasher but it was empty.

I would recommend this book to all kids because you can learn about new things and learn some weird words.