1 Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone Book)

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Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone Book)

Written by Annie Ingle

Illustrated by Domenick D'Andrea

Reviewed by Jake R. (age 7)

Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone Book)

The main character in my book is Robin Hood. The book tells about Robin Hood’s adventures as he tries to take money from the sheriff and give that money to the poor. Robin Hood also helps the ones who need to be helped in other ways. He has some people who help him that live with him in the forest. One time Robin Hood even helped a poor knight keep his son from going to jail.

I liked the book because it was about Robin Hood, and he could shoot an arrow in the dead center of the target. My favorite part in this story was the archery. Robin Hood reminded me of me because a lot of times when I shoot an arrow, I hit it in the middle. There is something unique about this story because in the end Robin Hood became a knight.

I recommend this book because there is a lot of mystery and adventure in the book. I think that Blake and Nathaniel would like to read this book because guys like to shoot arrows. I recommend this book to them because of the archery, and that would probably be their favorite part. I like the whole book, though, but mostly the archery.