1 Iris and Walter

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Iris and Walter

Written by Hayden Guest

Illustrated by Christine Davenier

Reviewed by Maya S. (age 7)

Iris and Walter

Do you like stories about horses and friends? This book is all about friends and horses. Iris dreamed about riding Rain, the horse, through the sparkling streams and around the pines. One day, Iris asked her friend Walter if she can ride Rain, and Walter said no because Rain is wild. Iris had an idea. Will Iris' idea work? You have to read the book to find out.

I loved Iris and Walter: True Friends so much I couldn't put it down! My favorite part was when Iris rides Rain the horse, because Iris' dream came true. I love the illustrations because they are bright and colorful and they are painted. This story reminds me of when I rode a horse named Lexy. When I rode Lexy, I felt happy. So I think that Iris felt happy too. When I read the book, I felt happy because I like when people's dreams come true.

I recommend this book to people who like horses and friends because Iris and Walter is all about horses and friends. I felt like I was in the book and I felt like I was riding the horse Rain with Iris. In this book, you will learn to always count on your dreams.