1 Grandpa Comes to Stay

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Grandpa Comes to Stay

Written by Rob Lewis

Illustrated by Rob Lewis

Reviewed by Devin H. (age 7)

Grandpa Comes to Stay

Grandpa is coming to stay at his Grandson's (Finley) house because he has been ill. But he really is not sick. Grandpa planned to do fun, silly things. Grandpa does many strange things. For example, in his book Grandpa cooks an omelet for dinner. He puts mustard and lemons in the eggs. You will have to read the rest of the book to find out what else Grandpa does. Grandpa is one strange man! If Grandpa does something wrong, YOU will get in trouble. Would you want him as your Grandpa? I wouldn't!

I loved this book because it is funny and it reminds me of the fun I have with my dad. My favorite part is when Grandpa puts all the ingredients in the omelet. It was so wacky. If I were Finley, I would say, "Grandpa, I'm not having any because I will get sick!" Would you want it? I wouldn't.

I recommend this funny book to everyone who likes funny stories and likes to laugh. You will have some laughs at Grandpa's mistakes. Do you like stories about kids that act like adults and adults that act like kids? If you do, this book is for you.