1 Martha Blah Blah

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Martha Blah Blah

Written by Susan Meddaugh

Illustrated by Susan Meddaugh

Reviewed by Aaron C. (age 7)

Martha Blah Blah

Martha is a dog. She is a great communicator because when she eats alphabet soup, the letters go up to her brain. Martha can speak words! Then Martha's parents gave Marsha alphabet soup every day. Martha never missed a meal. Granny Flo works at the soup company. Granny Flo had an announcement, "Why do we need all those letters? This is soup not school!" Then thirteen people from the soup company got fired. Granny Flo broke her promise. When Martha ate the soup, she spoke weird words. Would Martha ever get her speech back or will Martha continue speaking weird words? You have to read this book to find out what comes next!

Martha Blah Blah was amazing because Martha spoke weird words and it's funny because it's ridiculous when a dog is talking! This book reminded me of my brother Nat because when I talk to him, he speaks weird words too. Martha Blah Blah was unique because it was the first book I read that a dog can talk and never misses a meal because she likes alphabet soup so much. I also learned to never break your promise because you can be in big trouble.

I would recommend this funny book to people who like dogs. It's an entertaining book and if you are greedy, it will teach you to not be greedy.