1 Sophie

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Written by Mem Fox

Illustrated by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson

Reviewed by Michelle W. (age 6) & Chloe L. (age 6)


In the beginning of the book, Sophie wasn?t born yet. In a couple of days, Sophie was born. Sophie loves her grandpa. Everyday they did things together. In the beginning of the book, Sophie was smaller than her grandpa and Grandpa was bigger than Sophie. In the end of the book, Sophie was bigger than her grandpa and Grandpa was smaller than Sophie. It is about a girl who has a good relationship with her grandpa. They enjoyed doing things together when she was a kid and a grown up. Over the years Grandpa grew older and he couldn?t do the things he used to do. They did many things. They read. They worked. They walked. Sophie grew older into a grown up. Grandpa grew shorter. Sophie read to him. They were the best of friends. It?s a sweet story and a sad story. The sad part is very sad. There is a sweet surprise. Read the book and you?ll find out.

We like this book because we like what it is about. It made us feel happy and sad at the same time. The pictures are very colorful. The characters have very big hands. The illustrations have lots of details. Our favorite character is Grandpa. Grandfathers are special people. Chloe doesn?t have any grandfathers that are alive. Michelle has one. The special part of the book is that Sophie and Grandpa love each other and they always will.

We recommend this book to people who have babies and children 1 - 11. We recommend this book to people who loved someone in their lives and that person died.