1 Ready, Freddy! Halloween Fraidy-Cat

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Ready, Freddy! Halloween Fraidy-Cat

Written by Abby Klein

Illustrated by John McKinley

Reviewed by Aliyjah E. (age 7)

Ready, Freddy! Halloween Fraidy-Cat

Freddy got an envelope. Suzie did not get an envelope because Suzie was not going to the Halloween party. Freddy is going to a Halloween party because Chloe said he can go. He did not want to go to the Halloween party because he was a fraidy cat.

I like the characters in this book because they are funny. I like the book because it is fun and they have a word search in the back of the book. I felt happy when I read the book because it's fun.

I recommend this book to Josiah because he likes Ready Freddy books.