1 Shrek

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Written by William Steig

Illustrated by Steig, William

Reviewed by Isabelle L. (age 8)


In the story, Shrek, there lived a very ugly ogre. He was even uglier than his parents. They had to let Shrek go so they kicked him out. Where ever Shrek went everyone ran away from him because he was so scary looking. He saw a sign nailed in the woods that said “Keep out.” Shrek just went in. He saw a dragon and the dragon picked him up and threw him on the ground. Shrek just laughed. Shrek killed the dragon. Shrek went to sleep and dreamed that he was crying and that kids were kissing and hugging him. He woke up and kept on walking. He didn’t like his dream. He met a donkey and told him to take him to the castle where the ugly princess lived. The knight tried not to let Shrek in but Shrek just knocked him down. Shrek went into the castle and saw the princess. They got married!

I liked the story about Shrek because it’s very funny and it is a lot different from the movie. My favorite part was when they got married because Shrek was happy. My favorite character was Shrek because he was ugly and smelled, but he really wanted just to be happy.

I think everyone should read this book because it is very funny. The movie Shrek was made because of this book.