1 The Adventure Of The Silver Blaze

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The Adventure Of The Silver Blaze

Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Reviewed by Jeffrey.L (age 14)

The Adventure Of The Silver Blaze

This book is one of the finest work of Sir Conon Doyle, who has created the legendary character of Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes, the detective with an inimitible style ,and his friend ,Watson, are on their way to Dartmoor to meet their client Col. Ross. and solve a mystery. Holmes sees clues that others do not see and finally solves the case.

I am always fascinated by the character of Sherlock Holmes. He is so calm in any situation.

My favorite part of the story was when he summarizes the clues and spells out the criminal's name, which comes as a shock to every one.

One character that changed in some way was Silas Brown. He was mean and arrogant at the beginning, but after Holmes talked to him, he became scared and meek.

I recommend this book to readers, because it helps you to be alert while reading, thinking about the clues and drawing your own conclusions. Also the suspense will want you to continue reading. If you are a mystery fan ,then this book is for you.The elements of mystery, adventure and suspense will interest most readers of my age.

I sure want to read the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures. His mysteries have also been made into great movies.