1 All of a Kind Family

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All of a Kind Family

Written by Sydney Taylor

Illustrated by Hele John

Reviewed by Cassidy Z. (age 9)

This book was the most exciting, page turning book ever and I really enjoyed reading it. The story is about a family who makes a new friend named Guido. Guido has no father and a very ill mother and this makes him very sad. All of the sisters try hard to comfort him and make him feel better about his situation. They wind up finding an old friend named Miss Carey. She was a nurse from the settlement house. She was a caring person and would help out with everything throughout the story, especially with Guido.

In the story, the kids put on a play. One of my favorite parts is when Ella plays the joker in the show. This part was very humorous and enjoyable to read. It made me laugh out loud! Charlotte is one of my favorite characters because she reminds me a lot of myself. In the first chapter, the author, Sydney Taylor, shows us how Charlotte is tricky with her sisters. I too can be very tricky with my sister as well.

Guido changes so much throughout the story. In the beginning he was shy and upset. As he overcomes the obstacles of life and has all the support from his new friends he eventually becomes more outgoing and friendly towards others. This was nice to see. I felt like I actually knew him!

This book is for someone who enjoys reading about people and friendships and can keep up with a book with many elements. There was something new and interesting happening in every chapter. I would give this book 4 stars and I hope you like it as much as I did!