1 Alexander the Great (Famous Lives Books)

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Alexander the Great (Famous Lives Books)

Written by Jane Bingham

Illustrated by Robin Lawrie

Reviewed by Jordan S. (age 9)

Alexander the Great (Famous Lives Books)

Are you a history lover? Yes? Then you’ll love this book. Alexander was born a prince, or so he thought. Then his mother Olympia shared an incredible secret. His real father was Zeus, Ruler of Gods. Alexander also conquered half of Persia’s land. This all happened in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Alexander is my favorite character because he conquered Asia. I like the book because it has lots of action and Alexander conquers. I like the pictures because they tell a lot about what’s happening.

I think a history lover would love the book. I recommend that people who like history should read this book. I also think third through sixth grades should definitely read this book.