1 A-Z Mysteries: The Jaguar's Jewel

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A-Z Mysteries: The Jaguar's Jewel

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by Brian D. (age 8)

A-Z Mysteries: The Jaguar's Jewel

Do you like mysteries? I do. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose in The Jaguar's Jewel have to figure out who stole the jaguar's jewel and prove that Dink's uncle is innocent.

I was surprised by the ending. They found the jewel in a place I did not expect. I thought Dr. Pitts took it and ran away, but I was wrong. I liked the book because you don't figure out the answer until the end. It keeps you guessing through the whole book! This book is like other books by Ron Roy because a lot of the characters are the same and his books are mysteries.

I recommend this book to people in 3rd and 4th grade because it would be easy for 5th graders and hard for 2nd graders. You have to wait until the very end to find out who did it and it will be the most unpredictable ending.