1 The Haunted Hotel

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The Haunted Hotel

Written by Ron Roy

Illustrated by Timothy Bush

Reviewed by Claudia T. (age 9)

The Haunted Hotel

In the book The Haunted Hotel, three detectives named Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are staying in the Shangri-la Hotel. While they are there, they hear stronge noises. The guests staying there think there's a ghost. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are trying to figure out who the ghost is. They follow clues and ask guests questions about what they saw. Mrs. Jeffers, one of the hotel guests says she saw the ghost at midnight in the hallway with a sword in her hands. In the end this sword helps them solve the mystery of The Haunted Hotel.

One of the things I liked about The Haunted Hotel was how Ron Roy used a lot of description, especially when he described the ghost. He wrote,"The ghost wore a long white gown. Its hair was white and stuck up in spikes. And there were just black empty holes where the eyes should have been!" The way he wrote made me pay attention to each of the characters and their actions. This book made me feel like I was in it! I felt scared, like Dink, and I wanted to solve the case, too.

I recommend this book to strong second, third and fourth grade readers who love mysteries. After you read a page you will be guaranteed to read the next page. If you like A to Z Mysteries you will enjoy The Haunted Hotel