The Wide Window

Written by Lemony Snicket
Illustrated by Brett Helquist

Reviewed by Mary Grace S. (age 10)

This book is about three Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. Violet loves to invent. Klaus loves to read. Sunny loves to bite. The Baudelaire's parents died in a terrible fire along with their home. Their parents left a fortune behind for their children. But there is an evil man trying to steal it. His name is Count Olaf. The children are now being sent to their Aunt Josephine who is almost scared of everything. Hurricane Herman is on it's way so Violet, Klaus, and Sunny convince Aunt Josephine to take them to the store. While there, Violet bumps into a man. She started to say sorry, but she couldn't. She gasped! This man was Count Olaf. That night the phone rang. Aunt Josephine, scared to answer it, asked Violet to. It was Count Olaf. Violet thinking fast said "Sorry sir you must have the wrong number." One moment later the phone rang. Aunt Josephine decides to answer the phone. "Children please go to your room. A lovely man named Captin Sham is planning a surprise party for you." The next day Violet, Klaus, and Sunny walked to the library. They gasped at just the sight of the room. The window that was at the top of the ceiling to the floor was shattered. On the wall was a note. It said that Aunt Josephine could not bear to live. It also said that they would be in care of Captain Sham. But wait there's a message! It's Curled Cave! Is Aunt Josephine hiding? Are the orphans in care of Captain Sham? Read the book to find out.

My favorite part is when the children find the wide window shattered. This is my favorite part because it is the first of many horrible things to happen. The really special part of this book is that it never has a happy ending. My book is the third of the Series Of Unfortunate Events. The books are alike with the evil Count Olaf always trying to steal the fortune. I relate to this book because Aunt Josephine is strange, and so is my family.

I recommend this book for kids that are ages 6-16. Kids that like mind-boggling stories should read this book. I also recommend this book for kids who know that life doesn't always end with happy endings.

Mary Grace S. is a student in Mrs. Wilson's 5th Grade Class