Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Dalton T. (age 8)

This is the second story about Fudge. At the beginning of this story, Peter's mom said she was pregnant. They had a baby girl named Tamara Roxanne Hatcher. Then they nicknamed her Tootsie. They moved to Princeton, New Jersey. Fudge is in Kindergarden and Peter is in 6th grade. Both have new friends. Peter had Alex, and Fudge had Daniel Manheim. Whenever Brian Tumkin, Fudge's favorite author, was at the school, Fudge got called up and he said "Pee-tah, where are you? " and Peter sunk in his chair. This embarrassed Peter. At the end, Tootsie said her first word " Yuck", and they moved back to New "Yuck".

This book is like two other books by the same author. "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing", and "Fudge-a-mania". Almost everything is the same. Fudge is still a brat, and Peter is still a good kid. I liked this book a lot because it was hilarious! It was hilarious when Peter fell in love with Joanne. At Christmas, Peter and Joanne went under a mistletoe and they had to kiss! Fudge reminds me of my two cousins because they sometimes break things and annoy me. Fudge annoyed Peter whenever he asked what words meant all through the book.

I really recommend this book because it was comical. I think 8-year-olds and older can read this book on their own.

Dalton T. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd/3rd Grade Class