The Midnight Fox

Written by Betsy Byars
Illustrated by Ann Grifalconi

Reviewed by Neida A. (age 10)

This book is about a boy name Tom. He has to go to his uncles farm. He didn't want to go because he said that all the animals on his farm hate him. His mother says he has to stay 2 months. In the story he finds a fox but his uncle Tom wants to kill him. Find out if they kill the fox.

My favorite part is when Tom is going to save the fox because his uncle is going to kill the fox. It reminds me about when I saved a cat. Tom reminds me about my cousin Brian because Tom lived in a farm like Brian. Tom lived for on a farm for 2 months and my cousin lived for 1 months in a farm. I liked the book because it had very interesting details.

I recommend this book to the people that like foxes. I recommend this book because it is a good book for people that like fiction stories. The person I would recommend this book to is my cousin Brian because he likes fox stories. The reason I read this story is that one of my cousins told me about the story and it blew me away. I started to look for it in the library at my school.

Neida A. is a student in Mrs. Hernandez's 5th Grade Class