Little Bear

Written by Else Holmelund Minarik • Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Reviewed by Ariana B. (age 8) and Samantha G. (age 8)

This story is about a little bear who goes on different adventures. It has different chapters about Little Bear and his mom. In every chapter mom gives him a hug and a kiss and does things for Little Bear. Little Bear's mother surprises him in every chapter with things that Little Bear wants or needs. On Little Bear's birthday mother bear surprises Little Bear with a cake.

Little Bear likes to use his imagination. Once he pretended to go to the moon. I (Ariana) like this book because in this book the people wear old fashioned clothes. In other books people do not very often wear old fashioned clothes. I (Samantha) think the pictures look real. They look like black and white photographs.

Anyone who likes surprises should read this book. Also, if you use your imagination you would like this book because Little Bear always uses his imagination. Little Bear laughs funny and laughs a lot, and this reminds me of when I laugh. I laugh funny too.

Maurice Sendak is a great artist. I love the pictures. I love the combination of only three colors.

Ariana B. and Samantha G. are students in Ms. Salmon's 2nd Grade Class