Thunder Cake

Written by Patricia Polacco
Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Nicholas O. (age 8)

Patricia liked to visit her babushka’s farm in Michigan. Her babushka wanted Patricia to overcome her fear of thunder. But then a storm hits and Patricia got scared. So babushka said it was a perfect day to make thunder cake. Then Patricia overcame her fear of thunder because she collected all the ingredients without getting scared.

I felt scared when I was reading thunder cake because Patricia was scared of lighting. When people are scared, I’m scared. When I was reading thunder cake, I thought of when I was with my Grandma. It was stormy, and we made cake. I learned that even if you’re scared, you can do it.

I recommend kids ages 7-8 to read this book because 7-8 year olds might enjoy getting a little scared. It is emotional, funny and scary. The lightning and thunder make the story scary. Children might enjoy reading about how you can overcome your fears.

Nicholas O. is a student in Mrs. Ruffolo's 3rd Grade Class